Perimenopause: the support group

Inaugural meet up and planning session July 9th at 4pm

Grab the girls and hang out with others who are on the long road from Bitch to Crone.  It only takes 12 months….that is what “they say” but we all know you can be going through “The Change” for years! Share stories; Ask questions; and pass on insight with a group of Crazy Old Ladies (hey we might as well own it!) Perhaps their might be chocolate.

Personally I have helped many of my clients walk this path. Some have had a difficult time, others have breezed through it all. When I started noticing that something was up, I suddenly realized that I had no women in my family to ask ‘So, what happens next?’ or ‘Did you experience this?’ and was thankful for my career choice.  Last week I could say ‘it’s been 4 months since my last period!’ This week well…

Things Planned:

Topics such as: what is that-?- raspberry jelly?; why is my skin doing that; where is my libido?; How to strip for hot-flashes in under 5 seconds; pros and cons of HRT; pros and cons of ‘this plant I heard about; is six weeks too long to be bleeding and more!!! you bring the topics and we will laugh and discuss.

Month Cards (or poker chips) for period free months, but you have to turn them all back in and start over if you fall off the period free wagon. 12 chips and you get to graduate to full Crone (We will need to come up with a ceremony)

Candy Kisses for how many people you DIDN’T kill this month!

Enlightenment on other women’s experiences and chocolate preferences. I could even say that wine might be a possibility.

I can shed some light on the ‘things that go bump in the night’ and other problems from 25 years of practical clinical experience and hopefully others who have been through through the process of B2C can also shed share practical knowledge.

Think of it as your girls night out, plan for some laughter and all those other emotions and of course I will try to schedule it on or near the full moon…wouldn’t you?