Essential Oil Class

Fly High With Powerful Natural Wellness
Feeling great is our birthright. With a little discipline and access to the right tools, we can live long and strong. One of the best ways to return to and maintain health is through the use of Nature’s Medicines ~
Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Covering the Essentials: The What’s, Why’s, How’s and When’s of Oils
Saturday, May 20, 2017 2:00-3:15PM $5.00
Asian Healing Arts
1520 Martin Street #201
(off Silas Creek Parkway)
Winston Salem, NC
Class includes Sampling, DIY for personal care & cleaning products, children and pet care,
fitness routines and support for common health issues
Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are natural aromatic compounds
carefully extracted from plants that have profound healing potential. CPTG essential
oils can be used not only aromatically and topically, they can be used internally as
well. Backed by scientific validation, Essential Oils offer a holistic approach to
wellness; they can be used for unlimited health conditions ranging from asthma and
ADD/ADHD to wrinkles and yeast infections! Daily use of Essential Oils can be used
to achieve weight loss, detoxification, as well as improved clarity of mind, mood and
better sleep. We’ll sample these alluring oils and learn effective ways to integrate
Essential Oils into your daily routine.
RSVP! Call or Email to reserve your spot.
Meghan Prior 336-414-2143
Essential Oils stimulate the immune system, strengthen mental focus, sooth muscles,
steady emotions, stave off colds and flues and so much more!