Big Things for 2018 @FlexSpace

January is starting off with a full schedule it looks like.

Yoga with Meghan is back!

15-Week Session

Mondays 5:45-7:15PM   January 8-April 16, 2017

336 414-2143

Yogalicious is a delightful dish of tasty yoga poses with sweetly sprinkled introspection. Not too hard – a gentle to moderately invigorating mat class. Appropriate for newbies. Refining, re-enforcing and building from the beginner syllabus. A sweetly flowing class made up of breathing practices, movement to stimulate and direct energy, postures to increase strength, flexibility and stamina, and sounds and seals to focus and train the mind. More delicious.


QiGong with Pooh is back!

Monday Mornings Starting:  January 8th through February 26th.

$40 dollars for the complete class or $7 per class drop-in rate.


REIKI level 1 Class with Pooh Merritt

Done over two Sundays in January 14th and 21st

Contact Pooh at 919.396.2637 for more information.


Essential Oils Class

Meghan will be teaching an introduction to Essential Oils

Saturday January 20th from 3 to 5 pm.

RSVP: 336 414-2143


Death Café

Tuesday January 16th 2018 from 6pm until 7:30pm

The 3rd Tuesday of the month we sit and have a lively discussion on a perhaps not so lively topic. This month let us talk about what it actually means to ‘die well’. There will be cake!



Bitch to Crone will make its return on the second full moon: January 31st, 2018   Starting at 6pm to whenever.

Bring your laughter, your frustrations, your questions, your knitting or other sharp objects and we will let you know just how bad you look in orange. Talking about Hotflashes and other “amazing” drops and changes our bodies are going through. Start time is 6pm – and yes, there will be chocolate!


Chinese New Year’s – Open House

February 17th, 2018 from 1pm until 4pm

This is the annual open house, do drop in!










Time for Self Care

Yes it is finally time for me to have some self-care.  The class I am taking this weekend is all about self-care and I don’t feel a bit selfish about it.  Of course it does help that there are CEU’s attached to it, and it is the starting point for the next series of instruction that I have been planning on studying; Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. For me however, there is something about camping out at a cheap hotel and taking a class in a larger city that has really good food from different countries. Yes, it is all about the food. I had Lebanese food for lunch; Lamb Kabobs, with the best spinach I have tasted in a long time.  I get really bored with the food in our little town, I keep hoping that we just get a flood of Asians moving in and opening restaurants.  Whenever I go away for any length of time, I try to see how many meals I can have.  That is sad, and I also know that I will be working it off for the next month. Good thing a new set of Yoga Classes will be starting soon not to mention the QiGong and Kungfu.

I have overworked myself since moving the office and getting the FlexSpace off the ground.  The Open House was a great success and our first Death Cafe was an incredible discussion which also informed me that my hero Caitlin Doughty was speaking in town last week, I managed to fit that into my schedule too.  I scheduled this class and then thought what am I doing, I must be crazy? I did right. This is just what I needed. Low key, working on only ourselves, lots of anatomy and stuff I already know so no brain bender there. I can drink my tea and contemplate my navel-literally! This class is all about abdominal work. Plus, I get worked on by one of the instructor’s tomorrow morning. Why can’t all classes I take be like this?

I am now hopefully stepping back on the difficult work and working on the things that I like to do. I am happy to help my friends old and new cultivate their ideal classes.  I hope to start bringing in other teachers for things like this that I am attending this weekend, because the FlexSpace is larger than this space and if they can do it, so can I.

Another hopefully fun thing, and certainly no stress, will be starting up this next Friday morning. Tea with Me!  Yes, I am there, in the office having tea. If you want some tea, just want to ask a quick question. Want to actually see the being that writes this stuff.  Just want to see the FlexSpace to see if it might be useful for something you are dreaming to do. Or want to share a favorite story, or a joke stop on by anytime from 9am until I kick you out so I can work on my first client at 10.  Come have a cup.

Hotel with free wifi –oh yeah – okay so I am doing some work as I sit here with my belly full of good food, after a good massage, drinking good tea. But nothing mind boggling or strenuous, more like catching up on some things and tidying up some loose ends without the puppy coming up to me and slobbering all over my keyboard. No birds telling me what they want me to be doing, no dust bunnies letting me know that I should be vacuuming. Just the hum of the way overused and entirely too old air conditioner (and it is February) to keep me company. Time for creative thought and action. I don’t get enough creative time these days, and boy do I need it.

Having the time to relax and be creative is one of the best things that I can give myself for self-care.  I prefer to write in the mountains but any room to myself will work, as long as the tea kettle is here.  Did you know that is some countries menstruating women take time away from responsibilities to enjoy creative endeavors? I learned that today in class. I think we all need a break from life every now and again to just do something creative.  Something that gives joy to you.  If you cannot find the joy in your own life, it is really difficult to be joyful with others.  Once you have joy it is natural to want to spread it around.  Joy that is spread around, seems like an awfully good idea to me.

Play games, walk in the park, rent a canoe and paddle around, make music. Paint, read, write, sew, or plant something. There are so many things that are creative or can be creatively done that it seems like endless possibilities.  Bring joy into your life, give that gift to yourself.  You will not regret it.

Sleep is also important, and some of that I need to get right now. I hope you do something for yourself this weekend, something that lets you know that you care for you. Lunch tomorrow will be with one of my dearest oldest NC friend, we have the same tastes so it should be good, I can’t wait.


Yes, the move has happened. It was faster than expected and there are still some things and tweaks that need to be done. Believe it or not, the first classes have already been started in the Flex Space and more are coming soon. Please check the Calendar under the menu tab that says: Classes.

The snow slowed a few classes down by a week so get involved now.  This week there is a KungFu meetup, a (yin) or easy Yoga class and a QiGong class all starting up.



Saturday, February 4, 2017

From 12pm until 5pm

1520 Martin Street Ste#201 off of Silas Creek Parkway near FTCC

The new space can be walked or rolled into from the back of the building, just park along the side of the building and use the back entrance.

Come and find out more information on classes being held and Maria’s bodywork work practice.

Are you interested in Chinese medicine but afraid of the needles? This may be your answer.

What is a FLEX Space? Come and see, maybe you have a need for some space for a meeting or a class.

Classes are being held for all types of people to increase your control over your own health. The will include a variety of things like; Death Café to herbal and other informational talks, computer classes, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and so much more.

We will also expect to have art, games, demos, tea, coffee, and CAKE!



“Special Guest Lecturer”

By now you might have figured out that I tend to blog about things that amuse me. Mostly my interactions with the strange lifeforms on this plant that I have taken to calling sheeple. The are human in form but they do not seem to think for themselves. Sheeple follow each other as they are herded by beings who are far more intellectual or those who wish to use them for their own personal gain all the while not thinking about the larger picture. There are many stories everyday that one could tell of these odd creatures this is just one more of my recent interactions.

i have never been one to think inside the box. In fact most of the time I am totally unaware that there is even this thing called a box.

i was called recently by an old friend, who was former student and former program supervisor and asked if I would come back to a program that I actually helped start and taught in for over 10 years. I was asked to teach a class that I have a long history with and have presented over the years across the country at many schools and workshops as well as with in this particular program.

Piece of Cake! Right? WRONG!

First off this fine institution seems to have lost all of my employment records with them over a brief four year hiatus since I last graced their classrooms. Annoying yes, but a good excuse to put most of my miscellaneous documentation in pdf format. Three hours later I am emailing in all of my certifications, class records for the last 10 years of continuing education etc… so much in fact I had to break it up into about 6 emails so that I would not bog down their system.

Then I am told that I have to fill out a new employee application… wtf? I do this, but guess what, I can’t do it online, I have to print it out, and mail it in – all the info they want would be on my CV if I was allowed to just send that in instead but that is explicitly and categorically not wanted according to this application. Another hour and two days later as I have to go to the store to acquire #10 envelopes in order to return this application with no supporting documentation it is mailed. I now have 500 of them.

i hear nothing so I guess we are good, and I am going about my business and working like normal. Then I get a panic message from above mentioned friend, the way it is worded tells me that “Houston; We have a problem”.

She asked if I have filled out and sent in all the paperwork, I say as far as I am concerned I had better be done with all of it. At this point I have put in 4 unpaid hours for a job that I was asked to do that pays two thirds less then what I make per hour. I teach out of love and to give back to the community not to pay my bills.

Turns out they wanted more paperwork! The first thing they want is a resume…. ummmm

First off in my field it is called a Curriculum Vitae and didn’t I just print all of that out by hand on that stupid application form last week because they didn’t want me to send one in? They want official sealed transcripts sent directly to HR( I graduated over 2 decades ago… that will surely be easy to track down and get sent in by the time I am suppose to start teaching)….NOT.

They asked again for the documentation that was in those pdf files I sent two weeks earlier (remember those 6 emails? I do) Then they wanted publications…

If you googled my name I am sure you could spend days reading all of the articles that I have written for professional journals, did they seriously expect me to print them out for them ??? as it seems they can not read pdf files. Then a list of all the volunteer work I have done, with any achievements and awards, not not mention that highlights would be listed in said CV I don’t like bragging that much about myself, and as with those articles there is this wonderful invention called Google search.

The last thing on the list just made me laugh, my course syllabus… with all the papers they want me to gather just to walk into their school again, my students will be lucky if they get a syllabus on my first day of class. oh – and I needed to take a CPR recert before I walked into the classroom and a possible piss test… by the way.

Needless to say…. my inner Honey Badger came out. I am blaming this new stepping into my own and telling people that I just don’t give a shit on early stages of menopause when asked. However I think it has more to do with some important changes in my life, and menopause still seems like a distant dream to me. Maybe someone in my life is finally teaching me to respect myself. Maybe I am just finally starting to learn to say no and not care. Maybe I have realized that I have someone special to love and serve in my life now and  I no longer need to fill that emptiness by doing the work of 6 people.

And then the coup dé gras  – I get home that evening and grab my mail – a letter from HR informing me that they are not hiring me for this class. Sorry they have hired someone else. Laughing my ass off I emailed my friend and told her that HR had hired someone – I hope that she is happy with whoever they hired to teach my specialty. She was not as amused as I was.

So what do I do? – I do want to teach, I enjoy it at some level. I don’t want the hassle, this craziness that this institution is forcing on me. I love this former student, she was in one of our first few classes of graduates, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for those. She is in a real bind due to the institution and certification agencies that are breathing down her neck ( I would NEVER want her job, so glad I said FUCK NO years ago when it was offered to me) and she has no other resource to teach this class at such short notice. If I can not get the rest of my paperwork together and I am now theoretically halfway through the process no mere mortal could manage the whole in less then two weeks unless they were really hungry for a poor paying job and just happened to have some of the qualifications. But if HR didn’t like mine, well…

My suggestion that has now been agreed upon, is that she will figure out some sort of busy work for the students for three of the four classes and I will come in as a “Special Guest Lecturer” without pay and give my brief overview speech, which is all they really need anyways with the changes in the testing. Then the two of us will go out and have lunch to get caught up. This way I will only lose about half the money I would have lost for doing the whole stretch of classes. I get to teach and not lose any face by having to back out of a commitment I had made. She gets her ass saved by having a national expert come in to teach. Neither of us has to deal with the mound of paperwork for the institution. We can look over what it is they have and actually need and maybe by next year I can be back on their records as an instructor. Then I can work up the advance classes I really want to teach. All in all I get a free lunch – and some face time back in an easy classroom after 4 years off. Not a bad deal.

I did find out weeks after this guest lecture experience that HR did not hire me because of the changes in the testing and that is was no longer a requirement for the students. Would have been nice to know this before all of the hassle and worry. But lunch was lovely and the students were engaging and I had quite a bit of fun – I think I like the whole Guest Lecturer title. Think that is the angle to work these days. So if anyone wants to buy me lunch – I am ready to play, just forget the paperwork.

Doing the Work

This is a phrase that is often bantered around by those who do energetic work on the level where they are helping other humans move forward in/on their personal paths of destiny (in Chinese: Ming). I can put all the pieces out on the table for them to pick up. Sometimes I can even place a piece for them, but it is up to that individual to stand up organize and use that gift, information, puzzle piece…whatever. That is the work that they must do.
Enlightenment is real, it just usually happens in steps, not like the Buddha under a tree or Christ in the desert. Most of us have to work to pay the rent, living in a world that does not let us have time to do deep meditation for years at a time. We move along the path with great effort in what can only be seen as an expression of the ‘bunny hop’ dance we learned as children. Life is full of three leaps forward and one or two leaps back. Imbalance happens when we are taking more steps backwards than forwards or get too frightened to take any step.
When I set someone on their Ming and give them a little kick on the butt to get them going I tend to have an idea of where they are headed but there is no real way for me to know what their path will look like. I know when they are going to have to go through a tough time of it and I will have to handhold and be encouraging. Other times it is going be a great opening up and they will reveal in the high… until reality hits them hard upside the head and I have to explain with a smile that yep, we still have to figure out how to survive on this dimension too.
People are often seen by others that they have shared life thus far with them as ‘different’ when they make big steps forward and breakthroughs within their past energetic ties. How you move through that and move forward will set your new path. It is not always easy. Old friends are often seen as ‘falling away’ from you or not ‘knowing how to relate’ to you anymore. This is normal as the energetically patterns you once shared with them may no longer mesh in the way that was comfortable to them, and the old way of meshing is no longer comfortable to you. As we move and grow through our lives physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually those who no longer resonate with us fall to the wayside. Mourning that loss is healthy and fine, and the fear of moving forward and finding those who now resonate with you is also normal, yet neither should paralyze you from your forward movement. It is just the new “is”. Have you ever heard someone going through a relationship break up that says, “You know; I still love jim/jill but we have just grown apart” and that is exactly what it is. Feel the sadness, move through it, but it is just a growing apart and you will continue to grow and just may grow together with someone who now mirrors your path more successfully (for now…) it IS what IS now, and that is just perfect.
Now just in case you think that this only works one way; that these things only work as we like to think of it, as ascending the spiral stair case of enlightenment – think again! The other way is much more common and fair easier. We all know someone who has taken the spiral path downward, toward a hard crashing bottom. IF per se you were getting into a heavy drug habit, you would also loose certain people around you and you would gain new ‘friends’ who do drugs and resonate with that lifestyle. We are all beings that resonate and like attracts like. The law of attraction: one of those basic laws of physics that you must obey.
How then do you know if you are just sick of your friends, or if you are really making a step forward?
Have you turned inward and become more reflective on life? This is a normal reaction to have calm after the removal or letting go of any big that overshadowed your life. It can take some time for the body and mind to incorporate what has happened and learn from it. It is natural to take a retreat to reset.
What is your passion? Is it blossoming? Are you making a breakthrough in your art? Are you experience a new flow in your life? Do you see things more vividly? Are you noticing things that you never paid attention to and wondering what they mean? Everything is shifting on multiple levels and all levels by nature must stay in balance with each other. If we move forward on say the psychic level why would we remain stagnate on the physical or any other level?
You may start seeing things a funny now… instead of being bitchy and annoyed by the guy who should know better. Or become bemused by the lack of acceptance of life in yourself or others. Anger transforms into joy easier and sorrow is kept in better check. These are signs of advanced sight or understanding of the mundane world: The humans are funny. They are here for our amusement! Enjoy life!