Time for Self Care

Yes it is finally time for me to have some self-care.  The class I am taking this weekend is all about self-care and I don’t feel a bit selfish about it.  Of course it does help that there are CEU’s attached to it, and it is the starting point for the next series of instruction that I have been planning on studying; Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. For me however, there is something about camping out at a cheap hotel and taking a class in a larger city that has really good food from different countries. Yes, it is all about the food. I had Lebanese food for lunch; Lamb Kabobs, with the best spinach I have tasted in a long time.  I get really bored with the food in our little town, I keep hoping that we just get a flood of Asians moving in and opening restaurants.  Whenever I go away for any length of time, I try to see how many meals I can have.  That is sad, and I also know that I will be working it off for the next month. Good thing a new set of Yoga Classes will be starting soon not to mention the QiGong and Kungfu.

I have overworked myself since moving the office and getting the FlexSpace off the ground.  The Open House was a great success and our first Death Cafe was an incredible discussion which also informed me that my hero Caitlin Doughty was speaking in town last week, I managed to fit that into my schedule too.  I scheduled this class and then thought what am I doing, I must be crazy? I did right. This is just what I needed. Low key, working on only ourselves, lots of anatomy and stuff I already know so no brain bender there. I can drink my tea and contemplate my navel-literally! This class is all about abdominal work. Plus, I get worked on by one of the instructor’s tomorrow morning. Why can’t all classes I take be like this?

I am now hopefully stepping back on the difficult work and working on the things that I like to do. I am happy to help my friends old and new cultivate their ideal classes.  I hope to start bringing in other teachers for things like this that I am attending this weekend, because the FlexSpace is larger than this space and if they can do it, so can I.

Another hopefully fun thing, and certainly no stress, will be starting up this next Friday morning. Tea with Me!  Yes, I am there, in the office having tea. If you want some tea, just want to ask a quick question. Want to actually see the being that writes this stuff.  Just want to see the FlexSpace to see if it might be useful for something you are dreaming to do. Or want to share a favorite story, or a joke stop on by anytime from 9am until I kick you out so I can work on my first client at 10.  Come have a cup.

Hotel with free wifi –oh yeah – okay so I am doing some work as I sit here with my belly full of good food, after a good massage, drinking good tea. But nothing mind boggling or strenuous, more like catching up on some things and tidying up some loose ends without the puppy coming up to me and slobbering all over my keyboard. No birds telling me what they want me to be doing, no dust bunnies letting me know that I should be vacuuming. Just the hum of the way overused and entirely too old air conditioner (and it is February) to keep me company. Time for creative thought and action. I don’t get enough creative time these days, and boy do I need it.

Having the time to relax and be creative is one of the best things that I can give myself for self-care.  I prefer to write in the mountains but any room to myself will work, as long as the tea kettle is here.  Did you know that is some countries menstruating women take time away from responsibilities to enjoy creative endeavors? I learned that today in class. I think we all need a break from life every now and again to just do something creative.  Something that gives joy to you.  If you cannot find the joy in your own life, it is really difficult to be joyful with others.  Once you have joy it is natural to want to spread it around.  Joy that is spread around, seems like an awfully good idea to me.

Play games, walk in the park, rent a canoe and paddle around, make music. Paint, read, write, sew, or plant something. There are so many things that are creative or can be creatively done that it seems like endless possibilities.  Bring joy into your life, give that gift to yourself.  You will not regret it.

Sleep is also important, and some of that I need to get right now. I hope you do something for yourself this weekend, something that lets you know that you care for you. Lunch tomorrow will be with one of my dearest oldest NC friend, we have the same tastes so it should be good, I can’t wait.


Like this website we all go through changes. The only thing that is constant is change. Something as simple as this new approach to blogging and having that blog on a new website. I know that I love learning new things, but that it takes time and I will miss some older options. Change in our lives will not change. What can change is how we deal with the changes that are thrust upon us, or that we choose to take on.

How many of us wake up in the morning thinking ‘I am just going to flow with what the day brings me.’ Not many although I do try. Usually it is more along the lines of ‘What do I need to do today?’ The hurried list and a cup of coffee as we drop our keys on the way out the door.

So tell me what you think about the new look – I am still tweaking it a lot!!!!

I plan to blog a lot more, as my life changes and I learn more about the plants around us that can help us heal and my practice grows in new ways. I will also be reaching out to old friends learning to refine some past work like the Sooji workshop I took last week. I see that it might be the means to the end goal of finally setting up a limited donation based clinic. Sooji is quick, and to the point, literally, and could be done at a very low cost to me and you.

Thanks to many changes in my like over the past two years, the help of really good friends, and my partner who is an incredible Peruvian shaman(she would laugh at me for using that word but there is no other) I am hitting a very creative high right now and I hope to keep that going for quit a span now.

I will soon start really researching and putting together my paper/thesis for my herbal studies program. I have a little over another year of classes and my topic and rough outline were approved recently: Herbs for Dying, Death, and Transformation. Or as I have it listed in my dropbox: 50 ways to kill your lover, so that the NSA has something interesting to read. 😉  This is something I can see evolving into a book. A really useful one at that, as Americans have … a morbid fear… when it comes to talking about end of life care. We have lost our traditions and our understanding of what happens when we pass on and how to facilitate that. As we grow and our so called ‘greatest generation’ of baby-boomers is starting to leave this dimension I feel this is very needed and timely information.

So change is not all that bad – I rather like it. At least after the struggle with it is over 🙂 Smile and go with the flow who knows where you will end up.


Love Crimes

OKAY! Let us start something NEWWe see it over and over again with our 24/7 news cycle and our social network feeds. Hate, Mass Murder, stolen babies, battered animals, the desperate, the war torn lands, etc…

What if we didn’t promote that?
What if we all, as a society, simply acknowledged it, took it in, but did not make an action toward propelling it forward.

Could we take the wind out of its sails? Would the lack of momentum stop others from committing similar deeds?

Thoughts; Words; and Deeds all carry energy and karma. If we give something that extra boost of qi by thinking about it, that promotion propels further out into the universe consciousness. The same is even more true with words. One is giving ‘voice’ to it – whether that be ‘at the water cooler’ or on Facebook/G+/etc. Typing a comment on a social network is starting to bridge that gap from words to deeds. Yes, it is not the same as going to the movies and killing everyone who has a different skin color then yours – that would be much worse karma but it is karma non the less.  {Just a side note: Karma is Karma, it is not inherently good or bad. It is the E=MC2 of spiritual energy}

What type of Karma are we putting out there into the universe everyday with our posts? What are we choosing to give energy to? Are we promoting evil? Even when we think we are fighting it with funnies or pointed words? For example:  a fast food chain who may be spreading hate – is posting hate for that a balance – or is it just more hate? What is the feedback loop on that? How much of it are we going to take? Will we reach a critical mass and just blow ourselves up from our exponential hate?

Can we change that by simply changing what we do, write, even think? Want to try and experiment?

From now on:   Post ‘Love Crimes’ 

Show a better way of interacting with the greater world. Stop promoting all of the hate crime crap that is going on out there.

So the next time you help that old lady cross a street, plug a parking meter, make someone smile, etc… Post it.

Help this along by spreading the word and not reposing terrible events that the news monkeys are all over anyways.


Learn more from a better writer then me

I just read a very lengthy blog by: John Hanrahan who is a former executive director of The Fund for Investigative Journalism and reporter for The Washington Post, The Washington Star, UPI, and other news organizations. He is now on special assignment for Nieman Watchdog.

It is well written and goes into depth of what is going on not only with the wall street occupation but will the general activist population of the United States today.

Please take some time to read this today.

9/11 Paralysis of America

Okay this is going to piss some of you off… but I ask you to actually think about what I am suggesting and accept my personal point of view.
I am so sick of all the 9/11 hoopla, and no, it is not just because this is the tenth anniversary and there is more of it than normal. I have been over the whole event for almost 10 years now.  Yes, our country was attacked. This is not unusual, just look at the history of any of our older siblings of European countries, Latin American, African, or Asian countries… it happens all the time. We are now in the middle of way too many wars with 9/11 being used as the overall excuse or reason. A war on terror which is a not even a country/person but an emotion. How do we war against and emotion – on other peoples soil? Why as a country are we looking not within but out? –
(from wiki)The emotion of terror is an extreme form of fear that results in paralysis of the will.
Yes! We as a country have given up our WILL and have accepted paralysis.
We have paralysis of government, of the stock market, of the housing, credit, and job markets. Really, by constantly staying in a state of ‘heightened alert’ and ‘fighting’ this emotion… they won.  
What gives any of us the right to expect to be safe? You are not safe in your own bathtub. Safety is and always has been and will be an elusive abstract illusion. We are no safer now then we were in 1911 or 1811 the general threats are about the same.
We have lost touch the whole ‘melting pot’ of America. Segregation is once again prevalent in our society only now it is not so black and white.  Today a car of red-necks screamed and hollered ethnically wrong, derogatories  at a group of Indian women walking past my house all wearing their most beautiful sari’s…. and you know, even if they were Muslim, or of middle eastern descent, that attitude is still is not what this great country was built on. “…all men created equal…”  
If you must wallow in the pain and fear of 9/11 this weekend, go for it! Get it out of your systems. Let it be the starting point of your letting go and moving forward. Transform that energy into something constructive and useful. If we took all that energy of hate, fear, anger, terror and put it into the economy, happiness, and love we could change the tide on this ‘war on terror’ and start creating a happy, healthy, and sane life for all Americans no matter their race, religion, or lifestyle.  Use it as a reminder that we lost our path and now it is necessary to put our energy back into an upright movement. Or we can continue to be paralyzed in terror and watch the continuing decline of the American way of life.