Beginning Qi Gong and Basic Energy Anatomy

What is Qi Gong?

A gentle(yin) Martial Art form for training the Mind, Body and Spirit through one’s own breath.

Breathing is fundamental, it is what keeps us going. Qigong harnesses the breath and helps us move forward in our daily lives. By learning to relax into your breathing the benefits seen are innumerable.

Learn about the body’s energy centers(chakras), keeping yourself grounded and  how to run energy(Qi).

Starting July 10th – feel free to join anytime:

Right now Asian Healing Arts is offering a beginners class taught by Pooh Merritt on Monday mornings at 10 am. space is limited to 10 people per class.

Starting toward the end of summer, Maria may be teaching a more advanced class if you are interested in this class contact Maria at

Qigong is one of the outstanding cultural legacies of the Chinese people. Through the breathing exercises, one is able to experience calm and strength at the same time. Qigong is aimed at dis-ease prevention and treatment, preservation and longevity of ones’ health, mind(psychological), posture and physiological status. Like many things, your experience is related to what you put into it. Qigong is a tool one can use daily with some core knowledge.

Breathe your way to a better you.

Pooh Merritt Bio

Pooh Merritt has been practicing and teaching Da Dao Chan Gong Qigong since 2002. She studied in Massachusetts with Grand Master Fu Wei Zhong of the Emei lineage of qigong. It is a simplified method developed by Master Fu in order to “transmit knowledge and skills to the American public.” Ms. Merritt also received her certification as a Reiki Master in 2004 and has completed Levels 1 and 2 in Healing Touch.