Doing the Work

This is a phrase that is often bantered around by those who do energetic work on the level where they are helping other humans move forward in/on their personal paths of destiny (in Chinese: Ming). I can put all the pieces out on the table for them to pick up. Sometimes I can even place a piece for them, but it is up to that individual to stand up organize and use that gift, information, puzzle piece…whatever. That is the work that they must do.
Enlightenment is real, it just usually happens in steps, not like the Buddha under a tree or Christ in the desert. Most of us have to work to pay the rent, living in a world that does not let us have time to do deep meditation for years at a time. We move along the path with great effort in what can only be seen as an expression of the ‘bunny hop’ dance we learned as children. Life is full of three leaps forward and one or two leaps back. Imbalance happens when we are taking more steps backwards than forwards or get too frightened to take any step.
When I set someone on their Ming and give them a little kick on the butt to get them going I tend to have an idea of where they are headed but there is no real way for me to know what their path will look like. I know when they are going to have to go through a tough time of it and I will have to handhold and be encouraging. Other times it is going be a great opening up and they will reveal in the high… until reality hits them hard upside the head and I have to explain with a smile that yep, we still have to figure out how to survive on this dimension too.
People are often seen by others that they have shared life thus far with them as ‘different’ when they make big steps forward and breakthroughs within their past energetic ties. How you move through that and move forward will set your new path. It is not always easy. Old friends are often seen as ‘falling away’ from you or not ‘knowing how to relate’ to you anymore. This is normal as the energetically patterns you once shared with them may no longer mesh in the way that was comfortable to them, and the old way of meshing is no longer comfortable to you. As we move and grow through our lives physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually those who no longer resonate with us fall to the wayside. Mourning that loss is healthy and fine, and the fear of moving forward and finding those who now resonate with you is also normal, yet neither should paralyze you from your forward movement. It is just the new “is”. Have you ever heard someone going through a relationship break up that says, “You know; I still love jim/jill but we have just grown apart” and that is exactly what it is. Feel the sadness, move through it, but it is just a growing apart and you will continue to grow and just may grow together with someone who now mirrors your path more successfully (for now…) it IS what IS now, and that is just perfect.
Now just in case you think that this only works one way; that these things only work as we like to think of it, as ascending the spiral stair case of enlightenment – think again! The other way is much more common and fair easier. We all know someone who has taken the spiral path downward, toward a hard crashing bottom. IF per se you were getting into a heavy drug habit, you would also loose certain people around you and you would gain new ‘friends’ who do drugs and resonate with that lifestyle. We are all beings that resonate and like attracts like. The law of attraction: one of those basic laws of physics that you must obey.
How then do you know if you are just sick of your friends, or if you are really making a step forward?
Have you turned inward and become more reflective on life? This is a normal reaction to have calm after the removal or letting go of any big that overshadowed your life. It can take some time for the body and mind to incorporate what has happened and learn from it. It is natural to take a retreat to reset.
What is your passion? Is it blossoming? Are you making a breakthrough in your art? Are you experience a new flow in your life? Do you see things more vividly? Are you noticing things that you never paid attention to and wondering what they mean? Everything is shifting on multiple levels and all levels by nature must stay in balance with each other. If we move forward on say the psychic level why would we remain stagnate on the physical or any other level?
You may start seeing things a funny now… instead of being bitchy and annoyed by the guy who should know better. Or become bemused by the lack of acceptance of life in yourself or others. Anger transforms into joy easier and sorrow is kept in better check. These are signs of advanced sight or understanding of the mundane world: The humans are funny. They are here for our amusement! Enjoy life!