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I have 25+ years of experience working will all types of people and any state of health. Using Asian Bodywork Therapy(ABT), one of the three main branches of Chinese Medicine(CM). Herbs bring another branch of CM into my practice, along with Qigong and other martial arts in my daily life, I try to bring as complete of a practitioner as possible to the table.

Working as your Wholistic Guide, we talk through the paths of foods, supplements, herb, and the best hands-on treatments for creating a healthier you. 

ABT as I practice it is a massage/bodywork from the Ancient Chinese Medicine form of Tuina-Anmo, working both on the internal energetics and the more external structure of muscles. My training is to look at each individual, where they are at today; how they got here; and where they wish to be tomorrow. Then craft a plan to help them achieve their goals.

Chinese Medicine is the medicine of a general practitioner. We are trained to treat from pre-conception to post-mortem and everything in-between. In CM you are a client, not a patient, which means you must participate in your own healing. I do not use needles, I occasionally use herbs; mostly I use qi, words, and hands to help guide each person toward their destiny. Laughter is the highest form of healing; find something to make you at least smile today and every day.

As an Asian Bodywork Therapist, I have had training in the following modalities: Tui Na, Tuina-Anmo, Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxibustion, Auricular, Qigong, Reiki (master level), Jin Shin and Shiatsu. As a complement to ABT I have also studied Bowen Therapies (three styles) and use this technique a lot within my practice.

Achieving your optimum state of mind, spirit and body will be what helps you along your path to accomplish what it is you are meant to do in this lifetime.

Ancient Wisdom, Spiraling Dynamically
Forward to Greet the Future.

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