• Creating happiness and stability in my personal life.
  • Creating a space for the community to come and have intimate classes, workshops and meeting space. This is what I hope that the FlexSpace will become for us all.
  • David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies, 2-year program. The class work is now completed!!!!!!! – The thesis is in process, it still needs some proofing and editing. Then it will actually be in book format.
    • Thesis Topic: Herbs for Death and Dying the ultimate transition.
  • Rambling Thoughts on Life: My blog for clients and friends about some of the things I see and think about. Some funny, some sad, but mostly introspective. This blog has now been added to this site!
  • Making sure that the Glickman-Popkin Bassoon Camp continues each year as my teacher Mark Popkin envisioned it.
  • Nurturing Coda, and Miss Molly, both wonderful Newfies and helping Southeast Newfoundland Rescue.
  • Mother of now 5 birds, Luna an English Budgie, Bandito a Kakariki, Mr. Greenbeans a Solomon Island Eclectus, Bonnie (my baby) a Blue and Gold Macaw, and now Rocky an African Gray.
  • Continuing to grow and learn and write more(like that Thesis/book).