Frequently Asked Questions

What is it that you do?

The answer to this question is one of the most difficult for me to explain. I have an ability to mix and match all of the “tools” in my toolbox to find a combination that will work for each individual. A person needs what is right for him or her in order to keep him/her moving on his or her own personal healing journey. That ‘what is right’ changes from day to day so being flexible is a must. Starting with the basis in Chinese Medicine I create an image both internally and externally, working with one’s body structure, mind, and spirit always within personal comfort zones in order to maintain a state of balance. This may require only one or a combination of several techniques.

What Techniques are you trained in?

Both Asian Bodywork Therapy, herbal studies and Bowen Therapy could be considered professions with sub-specialties. Please see the Techniques page on this website for more details.

When is it appropriate to have bodywork therapy?

Any time is a good time. Your Therapist will hopefully able to tell you what s/he feels competent working with, thus avoiding any contraindications by referring you on to an appropriate health care professional to suit your needs. Asian Bodywork Therapy, like many other Holistic Health care options, works best as preventative care, however, it seems that most people in the US do not try a wholistic approach until they have tried everything else. Luckily, Chinese Medicine is also adept at working with acute problems. The greatest advantage of this is that well-trained and seasoned professionals are great troubleshooters, prepared to help people in even the most acute or chronic stages of problems.

How do I locate the best therapist for me?

This is a question I often hear. The first thing that you must do is answer this question to yourself; what type of work would be best for me? Knowing the answer to this question can often narrow the field of health care providers in your area. If you are unsure of the style of work that would be best suited to your needs it may be wise to talk to well-established therapists in your area, someone who has a steady practice and perhaps even teaches in your area. He or she should be able to help you figure out what your body is asking for and may even have a good idea of a practitioner who would be ideal for you. ALWAYS: if this is the first time you have ever had bodywork, start off by seeing two or three qualified practitioners in your area. Remember: just because your mother or best friend thinks “so and so” is a fantastic therapist, you may not like that person, and that is fine. Trust you own feelings. You need to feel safe and confident in whomever you choose for body work. We are all unique individuals and what works for one person may not work for another. If you have ever wondered why there are so many massage and bodywork therapists in your area, this is your answer.

There are several web sites with referral capabilities. Please note that these web sites only add a person to their list if that person has agreed, so there may be others in your area. These listed below require that their members are vetted and certified.

The American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia

Bowen therapists can be located at www.usbowen.com and www.bowen.com.

A list of all Nationally Certified practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the US can be found at www.nccaom.org. These people have taken a national test that certifies them as Diplomate of Asian Bodywork Therapy, Acupuncture or Chinese Herbology.

How can I get my questions answered?

Feel free to ask me, I will do my best to answer your questions and maybe it will give me an idea for this page. Use the form below.