So – You want my vote?

I am willing to sell you my vote! – Of course there is a catch!  But as far as I can tell, unlike other things going on in this election, it is all legal.

In the 2008 election cycle an estimated $5 Billion USD was spent. That was a record. This year with all of the PACs and those that have been super-sized and are known as Super PACs, I have read estimations of spending between $6-10 BILLION USD.

(Reuters)– Forget the struggling economy. There’s one U.S. industry -Big Politics- that is looking ahead to a record year in 2012. The U.S. elections will be the most expensive ever, with a total price tag of $6 billion or even more, fueled by millions of dollars in unrestricted donations as Republicans and Democrats vie for control of the White House, Congress and state governments.
Now we could go into what projects that money would fund, or the bombs it could build, what bridges that could be fixed, what national parks that could be funded, or whose drug doughnut holes we could fill with that amount of money. However, that would only lead to political debate of which I am trying my hardest to avoid this year.There is however one thing that could be done with that money that we could all agree on.

The National Debt. We end up paying interest payments on that debt which already exceed $430 billion annually! If we could achieve even part of that in savings then we can sit around and debate whose doughnut hole to fill.

Now you say: but this is only a drop in the bucket –

‘The Debt is so much bigger and what if only one US House candidate chooses to buy your vote – that is nothing.’


The Outstanding Public Debt as of 12 Jul 2012 at 03:11:30 PM GMT was: $15,892,612,779.40

I agree it is small potatoes (yes there is an e in the plural form, which is why Danny Quail got it wrong). But it is something. But what if:

What if every candidate did this, and every candidate could get their super-duper PAC to do the same? What if every dime that would have been spent and will be spent on this election was used to bring down the nation’s debt level?  Yes, it would only shave off 10 billion dollars at best estimate but wouldn’t that be worth it?

So, if you want to buy my vote you can! Let me see you do it – Make that the news story for the day. Let me see my Facebook feeds full of your name. For that I would be willing to vote for you. Even if I personally consider you to be the lowest scumbag of a being wasting oxygen on the planet! I will vote for you if you donate all of your campaign funds to the US treasury to pay down principle on the US National Debt. I triple dog dare you – Buy My Vote!

 a constituent who could vote for you.