Love Crimes

OKAY! Let us start something NEWWe see it over and over again with our 24/7 news cycle and our social network feeds. Hate, Mass Murder, stolen babies, battered animals, the desperate, the war torn lands, etc…

What if we didn’t promote that?
What if we all, as a society, simply acknowledged it, took it in, but did not make an action toward propelling it forward.

Could we take the wind out of its sails? Would the lack of momentum stop others from committing similar deeds?

Thoughts; Words; and Deeds all carry energy and karma. If we give something that extra boost of qi by thinking about it, that promotion propels further out into the universe consciousness. The same is even more true with words. One is giving ‘voice’ to it – whether that be ‘at the water cooler’ or on Facebook/G+/etc. Typing a comment on a social network is starting to bridge that gap from words to deeds. Yes, it is not the same as going to the movies and killing everyone who has a different skin color then yours – that would be much worse karma but it is karma non the less.  {Just a side note: Karma is Karma, it is not inherently good or bad. It is the E=MC2 of spiritual energy}

What type of Karma are we putting out there into the universe everyday with our posts? What are we choosing to give energy to? Are we promoting evil? Even when we think we are fighting it with funnies or pointed words? For example:  a fast food chain who may be spreading hate – is posting hate for that a balance – or is it just more hate? What is the feedback loop on that? How much of it are we going to take? Will we reach a critical mass and just blow ourselves up from our exponential hate?

Can we change that by simply changing what we do, write, even think? Want to try and experiment?

From now on:   Post ‘Love Crimes’ 

Show a better way of interacting with the greater world. Stop promoting all of the hate crime crap that is going on out there.

So the next time you help that old lady cross a street, plug a parking meter, make someone smile, etc… Post it.

Help this along by spreading the word and not reposing terrible events that the news monkeys are all over anyways.